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The core value of the PureChee brand

Pets are not just companions--they're family. And like any cherished member of our family, we want their lives to be long, healthy, and happy. So we do whatever we can to give them what they need. We shower them with affection, play, and food. But is the food we share really what's best for them?

At PureChee, we put the interests of our pets first, which is why we employ quality, organic ingredients and traditional techniques to make food that is delicious and healthy, whether for pets or the people who love them.


Brand Vision

Our aspirations are guided by four principles: health and simplicity, persistent innovation, honesty and integrity, and environmental sustainability. We are committed to products and practices that safeguard the health of pets and humans, while supporting organic farming and environmental sustainability practices that positively impact the world we live in. We carefully select products from vendors who share our philosophy to make quality food and health care products that are safe, wholesome, natural, and environmentally friendly, for the health and longevity of our pets and the planet.